6 Jul / 2020

On march 25th, the war in Yemen will be raging for five years. Today, we're launching an infographic showing the impact of the European arms trade on that war, and how we can strike back.

16 Apr / 2020

More than 50% of Belgian arms export has destination Saudi Arabia and is now blocked by the Belgian administrative court.

Who we are

Who we are

Vredesactie (Peace Action) is a Belgian pluralistic movement that makes a radical plea for a society in which conflicts are settled without violence or the threat to use violence. We support the development of grassroots non-violent action and formulate proposals for a pacifist policy.

Vredesactie is a member of the worldwide movement War Resisters International. We are a global network of grassroots antimilitarist and pacifist organisations, groups and persons committed to our founding declaration: War is a crime against humanity. I am therefore determined not to support any kind of war, and to strive for the removal of all causes of war'.

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Tractie is the Vredesactie trainers collective. We support people, groups and organisations aiming for social and political change. We provide customized trainings, workshops and coaching.

I Stop The Arms Trade
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I Stop The Arms Trade

Better arms export rules. Halt corporate capture. No military Europe. Priotitizing human rights over profit. That's our goal.

We. Stop. Armstrade.

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Stay tuned

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Do you have some time and energy for us? Join us. Vredesactie is made by all of us. Assist in the campaignwork, take action, mobilise for our different activities, become a trainer or a Lobbytour guide, help us with our database, translate, ...

Interested? Contact us at contact@vredesactie.be

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Belgian court hears arguments to end arms export to Turkey

Today a Belgian civil court will hear the arguments by a coalition of NGOs to end the export of military components to the Turkish air force. Earlier this year Vredesactie and CNAPD, supported by Amnesty International Belgium, sued the Flemish government for its involvement in the production of the Turkish A400M military transport planes. Turkey uses these planes to fuel conflicts across the region and violate international arms embargoes.

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10 Nov / 2020
A higher standard for human rights due diligence in arms exports?

The obligations of companies to implement human rights due diligence (HRdd) has reached the political agenda with the announcement of EU Commissioner Reynders to propose a binding EU framework, a range of national initiatives and the negotiation of a UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights. However, such human rights obligations by private actors are a horizontal application of obligations held by states. How are states performing their human rights due diligence and how accountable are they? Arms export licensing was originally driven by strategic concerns, but it is an important area where states have obliged themselves explicitly to conduct human rights due diligence. Common Position 2008/944/CFSP provides the framework in the EU.

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War in Yemen, Made in Europe: an infographic

On march 25th, the war in Yemen will be raging for five years. Today, we're launching an infographic showing the impact of the European arms trade on that war, and how we can strike back.

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An infographic about the flow of European arms to the war in Yemen

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