national complaints day

National Complaints Day against AGREXCO in Belgium // 14th may 2011 During the National Complaints Day, 400 Belgians filed a complaint against the Israeli firm Agrexco. Agrexco is Israel’s main exporter of agricultural goods from the illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The Belgian airport of Liège is one of the main hubs for its distribution network across Europe. Agrexco has been challenged for its involvement in trade with the settlements for years, but refuses to cut its commercial ties with their agricultural business. The company is accused of complicity in war crimes, active support of illegal activities, and handling stolen goods. On the 14th of may, more than 20 Belgian police stations were visited by concerned citizens. They demand a halt to Agrexco’s illegal import. More pictures of the complaints day: The action is part of the campaign War Starts Here, which aims to stop war crimes, through economic means. A plaintiff states: “Today we call on the legal authorities to take action. If nothing happens, we will make our own citizens inspection of the Agrexco terminal. During a public event on the 22nd of October, at the gates of Agrexco, we will discuss the illegality of this trade and present which actions should be taken by the Belgian government. This way, we take responsibility to end war, to intervene. We have to do what the government refuses to do. This is the real humanitarian intervention.” The National Complaints day was the kick off of a broad call to file complaints against Agrexco. You can join this action any time. Download the text of the complaint HERE and take it to your local police station. Let us know you did so, through the form on the website. War Starts Here is a campaign by Vredesactie and Action pour la Paix/Mir-IRG