Who are we?

Vredesactie is a pluralistic organisation that is part of the peace movement, making a radical plea for a society in which conflicts are resolved without violence or the threat of violence. Vredesactie is an engine for the development of non-violent action and the realization of a pacifist peace policy.

Vredesactie mobilises people. According to us, empowerment and pacifism are two sides of the same coin. Through campaigns and trainings we increase the non-violent defensibility of participants: the force within to resist injustice and violence.

Vredesactie is politically neutral: we do not stem from a political group or a religious or ideological tendency. The pluralist character of the movement is reflected in the people that actively participate in it.

Vredesactie is affiliated with the pacifist movement War Resisters International (WRI). We form a world-wide network of organizations, groups and persons that endorse the statement of principles of WRI: “War is a crime against humanity. Therefore I am determined to not support any form of war and to work for the elimination of all causes of war.”

Vredesactie is horizontal organization where participants can assume their commitment through as many means as possible.

* pacifism

Pacifism means: to strive non-violently and purposefully for a more peaceful and just society. As such pacifism is not a condition, it is a process. A pacifist attitude implies active participation and the development of a large capacity for peaceful resilience. Pacifism and non-violence are the opposite of passivity and defencelessness.

In his or her relation to other people the pacifist strives for a lasting peace. He or she rejects violence as a means to reach that peace. A pacifist's relationships with other people are based on equality and in the case of a conflict he or she will not focus on the person but on the content of the conflict. A pacifist always respects the human dignity of their opponent.

Vredesactie is a pluralistic organisation that is part of the peace movement, making a...