Press release: Peace activists warn of the dangers of the arms lobby

The arms industry has a tight grip on Europe. For the third time in only a couple of weeks, Vredesactie shows how the arms industry is lobbying the EU. Today peace activists take action at the European Defence Industry Summit, where arms lobbyists and policy makers are meeting to discuss the future of Europe’s defence.
Activists warn the attendees and policy makers of the danger of the arms lobby for peace and security. "We refuse to outsource our security to the arms industry”, says one of the activists. “That will only lead to more arms exports, more violence, and more war”.


PRESS RELEASE: Wake-up call for Europe "Don’t give money to arms dealers"

Dozens of citizens are trying to enter the European Parliament building today. With alarm clocks, bells and sirens they tried to wake up the Members of the European Parliament. “We don’t want any public money going to the arms industry”, says one of the activists. “The EU is only following the agenda of the big defence companies who have no interest in a peacefull sollution for conflicts . It is time our representatives listen to European citizens instead of heeding the interests of the arms industry.”


How the arms lobby is hijacking Europe’s defence policy

40 billion euros. That’s how much the European Union wants to spend on the research, development and procurement of new weapons during the next 10 years. The establishment of the European Defence Fund is an unprecedented acceleration in the militarization of the EU and only serves one purpose: sustaining the competitiveness of the arms industry. The question, which weapons should be developed and if they are actually needed, is not even asked.


Shame, shame, shame on you

Peace activists disturb arms lobby event with dance action

Today a group of peace activists took action at the Belgian Royal Military School in Brussels, where an arms lobby event is taking place. On the tunes of the disco-beat ‘shame shame shame’, the activists have blocked the entrance to the event.