Ctrl+Alt+EU : No military Europe

In 2013-2014 Vredesactie campaigned against the militarisation of Europe, with Ctrl+Alt+EU. We took action in the European quarter in Brussels. We burst the Brussels bubble: we disrupted the daily functioning and revealed the interweaving between companies and politics.

Series of actions: Burst 'the Brussels bubble'!

The European quarter in Brussels is a closed world where weapons manufacturers and politicians sit on each others laps. Vredesactie joins in and takes action! The action locations are close to each other: the buildings of the European institutions, the institutions that conduct foreign, defence and research policy, the offices of the weapons manufacturers and their umbrella and lobby organisations like the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), the conferences of think-tanks such as the Security and Defence Agenda (SDA), the Schumann square or the Luxemburg square where company lobbyists and eurocrats have drinks together. An overview:

17 may 2014: Protest against arms industry influence on EU policy making

Peace activists treated passers-by at different locations in Brussels with some street theater. Arms industry lobbyists on stilts were pulling the strings of their puppets, members of European Parliament. As such they protested against the influence of the arms industry on EU policy making.

More info in this article, or watch the pictures or the videos.

27 March 2014: Peace activists block entrance of EDA conference

Peace activists took action at the annual conference of the European Defence Agency (EDA). They were sitting in a pool of red paint to stop people entering the conference. Catherine Ashton, Claude-France Arnauld and other European top-politicians were convening with the CEOs of the arms industry.

Read more about this action, watch the pictures or the videoreport.

19 December 2013 - Day of Action: EU, Business as usual?

On 19 and 20 December the European leaders of states and governments met in Brussels. During this summit the fortification of the European arms industry was explicitly on the agenda. While it preaches austerity accross the board the EU is poised to increase military expenditure. The goal: safeguarding the global competitiveness of the European arms industry.

Time for a reaction: Vredesactie and Agir pou la Paix took action on different locations in the European Quarter: at the armslobby's offices or at European institutions: where the European policy is made. For an overview of the actions, read this article, watch the videoreports or the pictures.

7 October 2013 - Arms dealers thank EU

On October 7th, activists from Vredesactie and Agir pour la Paix were taking action against the European Commission. Posing as arms dealers they hosted a Thank You EU reception in a pool of blood. “The arms dealers thank the EU for its generous support”, was the message.

Read more about the action here, or have a look at the pictures.

Ctrl+Alt+EU: campaign planning

Non-violent actions and campaigns do not come out of nowhere. They are the result of planning, organization and training. The  Ctrl+Alt+EU campaign was formed and planned by everyone who participated.

26 April 2014: Day of Actionplanning Burst the Brussels Bubble

Volunteers of Vredesactie and Agir pour la Paix met eachother on the day of actionplanning in Brussels. In small groups they brainstormed and developped their ideas for actions. The result was an action plan.

11 february 2014: Ctrl+Alt+EU Think (& drink) tank

Thirty Vredesactie and Agir pour la Paix volunteers made plans for an actioncampaign in the run-up to the elections in May 2014.



22 - 24 November 2013: Target Brussels: a weekend of planning and training

Around fifty people prepared the December day of action on the weekend of 22, 23 and 24 November in Brussels.